Years ago this land belonged to a gentleman with the last name of Zambone. At some point in time the land was acquired for use as a water supply reservoir for the Hopedale area and was known as the water works ponds covering several acres of beautiful land. Years passed and modern technology prevailed to a point where the resevoir was no longer an imminent need. Many years I drove past these lakes feeling the pristeeness overwhelm me and knew these lakes would become a special place. Often as I stopped the vehicle and stared at the area I would ask my wife "Do you see the kids around the lake?" She would answer a polite no and I would interject with "One day there will be many of them here. God be willing and I'll be allowed to purchase this land and make it happen".

Well as time passed the good Lord took notice of my heart felt desire to make this a better place and set things in motion. I was able to purchase the land and lakes from Mr. Zambone and decided to name the area "Zambones Catfish Hole". Kids are a welcome sight here. Presently it is a pay fishing area with two well stocked lakes having easy access, parking and comfortable surroundings. Rest rooms are available along with bait supplies. Come on over, bring the kids and enjoy a day at the lakes.

............................................ Keith Forsythe

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