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Awards Banquet 2015
The 2015 season produced another member being awarded "Angler of the Year". After a few years of placing
slightly shy of enough points to qualify for the prestigeous award, Tom Bingham put his foot down,
I mean took it off the trolling motor, slowed down, worked hard and earned the top award.
The competition for high point team of the year & Big Bass of the year was neck & neck to the last tourney.
Everyone enjoyed a great season and a well presented menu thanks to our caterer "Linda Ornouski".
Scroll down & enjoy the photo's of the 2015 catered banquet below.

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Angler of the Year 2015
Tom Bingham
85.83 lbs.

High Point Team 2015
Chuck Meese - Dan Risley
113.88 lbs.
Big Bass 2015
Pete Mcpherson

5.24 lbs.
Sportsman of the Year

Chuck Meese

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Linda Ornouski with
the desert display

Jason getting information
from John Huff

Ida & Bonnie chat
while others relax

Rick, Tim , John
ready for goodies

John Whitacre gives thanks
for the dinner preparations

Bob & Gunny checkout
lots of door prizes

Bonnie takes photos
following the meal

John reads off the years
final stats

Door prizes are
going quickly

Gunny wins another reel
Just like brother Rick's

Ted needs a winner
Nikki is amused

Nikki told Ted
she would win!

See you next year!!!