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**** Membership Rules ****
(1.) Club Members, (Boaters & Non Boaters) must pay a yearly dues of $40.00 each.
(2.) Alternate members must pay a yearly dues of $20.00 each.
(3.) Non Boater (partner) slot must be filled before you can have an alternate. Once alternate is registered, they can't be changed
......until the next season. Maximum of (2) alternates per year.
(4.) New teams can join up untill the 4th tournament of the year.
(5.) Alternates can join up to the last regular tournament of the year.
(6.) NO new alternates can fish the Championship Tournament!
(7.) All teams and/or members must be approved by tournament committee.
(8.) Previous season teams/members have until February 1st of every year to lock in a spot for the upcoming season.
......Any replies after Feb 1st may be put on the waiting list.
(9.) Tournament Committee will decide on how many teams are allowed to fish any given year.
(10.) Teams must fish (6) out of (10) Tournaments to stay active. Anything less may result in losing your spot the following year.
(11.) Minors, (17 years old or younger) can fish with an adult member. Minors are the sole responsibility of the club member, not the club!
(12.) Any member failing to comply with tournament rules will be DQ'd & maybe subject to discharge from the club.
(13.) ANY MEMBER THREATENING harm to another member will be DQ'D and terminated from O.B.C.