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This webpage contains photos and related stories about notable hunting experiences around the area
which I come across during my travels. The photos are on the left and the accompanying stories are on the right.
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Name: Ethan Powell---- Date: 4/2012
Type of game:----- Wild Turkey "GOBBLER"
Location:..From: Piedmont Lake area

I'm (10) years old and love the out doors. I participated and passed the Hunter Education Course last year taught by Instructor Rick Duill from Adena. Ohio. The class taught me how to hunt wisely & safely. My Grandfather Chet Uscio from Adena has a beautiful place near Piedmont Lake with great hunting habitat. My Pap & I hunted this spring's turkey season. We sat for a long time while Pap used his call to bring a turkey within safe shooting distance. Suddenly a big gobbler appeared. I took aim, fired and bagged my first wild turkey. It was a very big gobbler with a (10) inch beard. We weighed it at (22) pounds even though the head was still touching the ground. That was my first turkey. I had a really great time and won't forget it. Can't wait to go hunt again.

Name: Rick Kimble---- Date: 4/2012
Type of game:----- Wild Turkey "GOBBLER"
Location:..From: Colerain Ohio area

The spring turkey season couldn't come soon enough for me. Been out scouting my favorite hunting areas and selected the most likely spot to meet up with a big one. Here are a few pics of some success that I had. I shot the bird Wednesday, Now that one is cleaned and in the freezer so I'm going after one with the bow tomorrow). AWESOME!