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Family Dinner & Awards Banquet 2015 season
Presented as a webpage by web artist Rick Duill
The 2015 season was another productive one. Once again we welcomed several new members to the club.
We dealt with the dry spells, plenty of wind but fluctuating water levels once again seemed a little lower than usual.
Regardless a good time was enjoyed by all. This years dinner was held at the Piedmont Firehouse on March 13th, 2016.
The dinner was catered by the good folks from Mt Carmel Church and as always the food was great!
Enjoy the photo's of the 2015 banquet below.
See you next year.
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High Point "Mr. Bass" 2015
Rick Colvin
116.45 lbs.

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2nd Place - Drew Barbour ---
3rd Place - John Davis ----
4th Place - Brandon Fox ------
5th Place - Pete McPherson ---
High Point "Team" 2015
Rick Colvin & Jed Morrison
(54) Team Points

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2nd Place - John Davis & John Chaney--
3rd Place - Ike Yoder & Dean Yoder---- N/A
4th Place - Drew Barbour----
5th Place - Brandon Fox & Bill Fox----------
Big Bass 2015
Matt Barbour
5. 47 lbs.

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Jacket Winner-
Randy Norris--(5.10 lbs)---

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Sue & Doug readying
great food for all

Bonnie, Ida, Tom Sr.
Drew & Matt Dig In!
Ding masters eating with
one arm in a sling
Jed has attention describing
one how big?
Chuck Bennet listens intently
as Jr. Phillips talks

An impressive line up
of trophy awrds
Tom Cominsky Sr 50/50 winner
ready to award ticket drawer
Alanna Morrison enjoys
her reward from Tom Sr.
...See you next year...