RULES for E.O.I. 10 hp Bass Circuit:(revised 4/2015)
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*NOTE: Tourney registration will be cut off (15) minutes before blast off!..Don't be late!

NO Alcoholic Beverages or illegal Drugs allowed on STATE & MWCD properties during tournament hours. Violating this rule is automatic DQ !

Live wells MUST be checked & Team #'s recorded before blast off. Your annual membership card has your team # on it for the current season. At registration you will be issued a chip with your team/boat # on it. Your team/boat number is the numerical order you registered for the 1st qualifier. This number lasts for the season. Your chip must be placed in a collection container by weigh-in time or you will be considered late and your fish will not be weighed. You will have (15) minutes grace to get your chip in, no exceptions!
Blast off will either be all go or by the order you are registered as a boat/team. Lake conditions will determine blast off method.

Do not loose your annual membership card, there is a $5.00 replacement cost. If a team wishes to use a sub during the year, refer to the sub/alternate section at the bottom of this page. They can use that sub at the championship with the approval of the tournament cannot use a person from another team as a sub. Alternates must be approved by the Directors.
NO More than 2 People Per Boat
NO Live Bait / Artificial or prepared Bait Only. NO Trolling. **Umbrella rigs must comply with Ohio laws !**
The limit of 5 Fish Per Boat is effective at all times. If you just landed keeper fish #6, make the call !
Only Largemouth, Smallmouth, or Kentucky Spotted Bass will be weighed.

The 30 Yard Courtesy Rule will apply at all times. When two boats approach each other from opposite directions on the same shore and are about 30 yards apart,
STOP fishing until you have passed one another! Also should you find yourself fishing a shoreline and approaching another boat fishing in the same direction,
DO NOT pass the other boat or pull in front of it and keep on fishing. Show respect & sportsmanship!
Anyone Caught Cheating Will Be Automatically Disqualified and banned from future membership in this organization!.
Anyone Given a Citation During the Tournament hours Will Be Disqualified. Ohio boating & lake laws are your responsibility.

ALL FISH must be brought to the scales in some type of a weigh-in bag that contains enough water for survival. Fish may not be carried by hand to the scales without a bag
which is harmful to the fish & unsportsman like. Fish brought to the scales without a bag and water will not be weighed.!

COURTESY BOARD available. Short fish will not be weighed and you should not be in possession of any.
Tie Breakers = 1st the number of fish, 2nd your Biggest Bass, if still tied 3rd Flip of the Coin.
NO Dead Fish Will Be Weighed. Gill movement indicates a live fish.
All fish at the scales become property of the tournament director...!! (mounting privileges may be granted.)
Scales will close (5) minutes after last call for fish. Air horn will indicate last call.

You SHOULD initial your scale weight sheet to verify the weight as correct. Protest of weight disputes will not be heard without your initials on the original weigh-in sheet. Your initials verify the recorded weight and agreed it was correct. The weighmaster might remind you if you forget. There is no DQ for not signing.
Being Disqualified For Any Reason Will Be An Automatic Forfeit of Any and All Entry and Prize Money.
Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a DQ & your membership revoked ! Depending on the severity a one time warning may precede a disqualifiction.
E.O.I. Directors Decision Is Final !

Choosing an alternate:

In the previous 10hp circuit members had to choose one alternate at the time they joined. As with many of the old circuit rules many were not workable nor sensitive to the memberships needs. In this circuit we the owner and directors reserve the right to change or add rules for the betterment of the circuit. The method of choosing an alternate is being revised to be more workable in the following way.

1.... A team consisting of either one person or two persons is permitted to have one designated alternate to fish in place of the absence of one
--------or both team members that designated the alternate.
2.... When first becoming an annual member the team is asked if they will use an alternate if necessary. The team may designate their alternate at ---------this time for approval or opt for choosing submission of an alternate & date no later than (7) days prior to an upcoming qualifier.
3....An alternate may be used to fish in the championship if a team incurs an absence that will open the option to use an alternate.
-----HOWEVER; during the championship the alternate is not permitted to fish alone and represent the team. An alternate may fish alone to
-----represent a team during any qualifier as long as the alternate was lawfully & timely selected.
4....If a team has designated an alternate and that alternate has not been used since the time of designation and the alternate is unable to participate -----as needed, then the directors of the EOI will allow a one time only emergency replacement as long as this replacement is
-----submitted for approval (7) days prior to an event.
5....The above rules are now in effect and may be changed if circumstances indicate a change is needed.