East Ohio Invitational 10 HP Bass Circuit
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**** Membership Information ****
Membership in this circuit is by Invitation only. The (6) qualifiers & championship are not open events.

Prospective member information is recorded in a centralized database. All information is confidential and will not be forwarded with out consent.

You will receive an invitation to join either by mail, email, phone or word of mouth and and be notified of acceptance by the same method. Should you agree to become a member your names will be listed on the Invite list. When you come to a qualifier to register, names will be verifed before you can register. This is not a walk in membership. Your annual dues must be paid prior to registering for the first available qualifier. You can submit the ($30.00) per team fee at the same time as registration at the lake. "PLEASE-NO CHECKS at the LAKE!"
Starting the 2014 season all previous members and newly accepted members can mail your $30.00 annual membership dues in advance to me, Rick Duill___6861 Co Hwy 10___Adena, OH 43901_____This will secure you a team number & membership for the year. Then at qualifiers you need only pay registration. Once I receive your membership dues I'll mail you your team # and schedule wallet cards. Any questions call me and if I don't answer-leave a message (740)546-3145. Thanks.
Membership annual dues is $30.00 per team regardless if it is a one or two person team. You are permitted to have one alternate. (see explanation of alternate at bottom of page). When your annual dues are received you will be issued a wallet membership card as proof of membership. This card also has your annual TEAM # along with the six qualifiers & championship schedule. Do not loose your card. Your card & team # is needed for registration at the qualifiers and accumulative point system.

Membership cut off this year will be set at (50) Teams! If you are not current on your membership fee by the time the 50th slot is filled you will be placed on a waiting list until an opening becomes available and will be notified once one is! Previous members in good standing remain on the invite list indefinately. Any new applicants will be placed on a waiting list.
Choosing an alternate:

In the previous 10hp circuit members had to choose one alternate at the time they joined. As with many of the old circuit rules many were not workable nor sensitive to the memberships needs. In this circuit we the owner and directors reserve the right to change or add rules for the betterment of the circuit. The method of choosing an alternate is being revised to be more workable in the following way.

1.... A team consisting of either one person or two persons is permitted to have one designated alternate to fish in place of the absence of one
--------or both team members that designated the alternate.
2.... When first becoming an annual member the team is asked if they will use an alternate if necessary. The team may designate their alternate at ---------this time for approval or opt for choosing submission of an alternate & date no later than (7) days prior to an upcoming qualifier.
3....An alternate may be used to fish in the championship if a team incurs an absence that will open the option to use an alternate.
-----HOWEVER; during the championship the alternate is not permitted to fish alone and represent the team. An alternate may fish alone to
-----represent a team during any qualifier as long as the alternate was lawfully & timely selected.
4....If a team has designated an alternate and that alternate has not been used since the time of designation and the alternate is unable to participate -----if their presence is needed, then the directors of the EOI will allow a one time only emergency replacement as long as this replacement is
-----submitted for approval (7) days prior to an event.
5....The above rules are now in effect and may be changed if circumstances indicate a change is needed.